Our Services

Food Catering

A team of talented chefs and professional servers will help you make the right chose for your event from a lager option of great food.


Stage & Dance floor

We can provide you with a perfect place to dance the night away!  Our dance floors are customizable and can be adjusted to fit your venue. We have a large variety to choose from.

Cocktail Bar

We can provide you with the best bartender and take responsibility for delivery all necessary items including the bar units, cocktail equipment, glassware varieties, stock & staff.


We maintain seasoned and skillful waiters for your event or a gala dinner.


When it comes to the music we make sure to bring an amazing DJ or a live band to keep your guests dancing and entertained throughout the night.


We do provide you with a stunning firework display, one that will put a huge smile on your and the on face of every guest.



Event lighting can help boost energy, focus attention, and highlight your presenter by providing an impact on the atmosphere of your events.